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crappy keyquest prizes [12 Jun 2011|01:21am]

crappy prizes

Ok, I need to know if this is happening to anyone else.

I have played to date a total of 1340 keys

841 Gold
458 Silver
25 bronze
6 lead

I always screencap when I win a paint brush and or a lab piece, or red codestone etc

I played 10 gold keys yesterday and 2 so far today, and gotten nothing but junk books. I decided to look through my screenies and see when the last time I won anything other then a negg or codestone ~ I haven't won a lab piece or paint brush in 320 gold keys. I am thinking the more I win, the worse my prizes are getting.

It's added to the fact my friend made a new account, it's a week old and out of 20 keys he has won 7 paintbrushes.

Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? I am trying to earn back 100k a day so I can keep spinning the wheel of extravagance, and yesterday I made a total of 9k from 10 keys. A few weeks ago I could make 100k easily with just codestones & neggs, but was hoping soon to at least get a buyable paintbrush I could sell to give myself a break from hours of KQ and hours trying to get Shenkuu points in the Altador Cup aswell :(

ugh I am so depressed.
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I'm leaving :/ [12 Feb 2011|11:40am]

Hey N_A, I really love you guys but since I've been frozen and sort of don't want to make a new acct and start over (my main was 10+ yrs), and reading my FList is just a tease, I'm leaving N_A. If I get frozen I'll ask to come back and I hope I'll be accepted. (:

in other news, I'm moving to South Korea to teach English! I've started a blog; if you want to read it the link is here. Wish me luck. (:
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KQ [20 Jul 2010|02:36pm]

anyone up for a few games? (:
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first post in awhile! XD [18 Jul 2010|01:05pm]

hey anyone want to play KQ? I hear they have new prizes and I'm bored. X)

post with your username or neomail sailorini_1.
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Keyquest prize help [17 Jul 2010|07:51pm]

Hi Guys,
The summer prizes are now out on keyquest. I would greatly appreciate it if you can post what you win here. Or if you would prefer to get some joodles feel free to post here http://www.jellyneoforums.net/index.php?showtopic=32591.
Thanks again for all your help
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[03 Jun 2010|01:36am]

hi everyone!

kq is basically my main method of earning np and i play every day, but i am sick of playing with random strangers who quit on me and skip turns and all that nonsense. >:( if any of you would like to play a few games with me, let me know! i am on pretty much every day. my neo username is ahappycactus; feel free to add me!
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Token Trades, anyone? [24 May 2010|04:39pm]

I''ve got a few unused KQ Tokens, and figured I may as well offer them up and see if anyone is interested... they aren't really my favorites, so I thought maybe I could find someone with some that catch my eye moreso that wanted them ;D

The tokens I have are:
Rainbow Chomby
Rainbow Wocky
Rainbow Blumaroo
Electric Gelert

I'm not looking for anything in particular, although you can see what tokens I already have by viewing NepticanAuthor's token case.

(I hope it's okay to post this here- if not feel free to delete or make me delete ;D)
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Fancy some KQ games? [16 May 2010|10:49pm]

So I'm trying to save up for morphing two pets into a Ty Aisha and a Halloween Kacheek- I'm about halfway on the Ty Aisha (bought the PB, need the MP/TP) and nowhere close on the Kacheek, so I'll need to play a LOT of KQ. Since I don't trust people on NP, I'm posting here.

I'm very non-competitive, so please avoid using items that would disadvantage me (and I'll do the same). Whoever gets to the end first wins, so it's not cheating, but I prefer 5 key games so that the "loser" still gets a silver key. We don't have to reach 5K- if you want to, I'm not against it.

I do want players who are KQ regulars so I don't have to ask on here every day, since I'd reach my goal faster playing the "10 games 30K a day" way. Two players only, three if the other person is from here as well- my computer can do so much, but I will not quit. If I leave a game, it's not intentional, and I will NM you and we'll reschedule another game.

If interested, please comment here or NM me at kookyseal. If you want to chat via AIM, comment here to do so, otherwise it's just scripted chat.
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Negg Faerie Token [17 Mar 2010|07:25pm]

Did anyone buy it? does 500nc seem steep to anyone else? :/ were all the other ones 500nc too?

Does anyone have the wig? How does the wig look? How does the token look?

Would anyone mind playing a game with me so I can see the token?

(cross-posted to N_Akq and N_Ctrades.)
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Keyquest prize help [17 Mar 2010|02:45pm]

Since there is a new board and prize theme on Keyquest ya'll know by now why I'm posting. As its my job on jellyneo to make sure that the prizes are updated as quickly as possible I would really appreciate if if you could post here the new spring prizes that you have received on Keyquest.
Apologies to those who are seeing this post several times <3
Thanks in advance for your help.
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Wanna play? [08 Mar 2010|07:11pm]

Anyone up for a game or two? 2 player, 5 key, can play to 5k if you want. I prefer sweet 1 and neopia central boards.

I just had someone cheat and have had a few people quit. I want some honest players!

Neoname is jthmandsquee just send me a neomail.

P.S. I have pizza coming in a half hour, so if you get to my then, wait a few minutes so I can eat :P
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[07 Mar 2010|01:47pm]

I'm having no luck on the KQ boards. :|

Anyone up for a few games? 2 player, 5 key, and 5k apiece would be ideal. My AIM handle is scientifLc if you'd like to talk outside of the scripted chat.
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Question on Game Invites [28 Feb 2010|12:16pm]

So I just got one of my friends to join neo and I wanted to play KQ with her. I invited her to a game, and for some odd reason, she couldn't see an invite. I then told her to create the game and invite me, and still I could not see an invite.

Is this a glitch in the game? Or just me?

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Skipping Turns [11 Feb 2010|01:37am]

Hey KQ fans, i was wondering what this group's consensus is on skipping your turn if you get a power up played (or land on a square) that says you can't collect items for X amount of turns.

Is skipping your turn a fair use of the game mechanics or is that an abuse of a mechanic that was likely designed with the idea of decreasing abnormally ended games if you have a connection time out?

i've done it a couple of times, but i felt kind of slimey about it so now i don't anymore. i was just wondering if i was right in feeling slimey or if that is a pretty common game strategy and i'm just weird..

does anyone know if Neo has an official policy on that tactic? i don't ever remember reading anything in the editorial about it or anything... *off to ask TNT* (not that they ever answer my editorial questions.. but i still keep trying!)
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[08 Feb 2010|04:28pm]

Well, rather than do homework I'd like to play a few rounds of KQ. XD 2 player 5 key preferred, and I'd like to play until we each get our 5000NP for maximum gain. :) I'll be around for a while, so we can play more than once if you like.
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[08 Feb 2010|08:05am]

Anyone feel like a couple of games? =) I have a day to fill...

8am NST and I'm still in need of partners! x3
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anyone up for a game? [04 Feb 2010|10:54am]

Anyone want to play 2-player 5-key game on Neopia Central?

How about we make it interesting by playing to 5k NP?

Neoname = jthmandsquee

Comment here or send me a neomail if you want to play.
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Want to play the sweets board?? [04 Feb 2010|03:43am]

i have an extremely mediocre connection. so, if you want to try to avoid mini games that's ok, or if you want to just play them normally that's ok too, i don't really like to play where you try to land on them though. i stink at the new umbrella game! (that's good for you! LOL) i like the sweets 2 board, but either one is cool.

i'm tried playing strangers but after 4/4 games ended abnormally.. i'm gonna try to find someone here now.
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Keyquest help needed yet again! [02 Feb 2010|10:55pm]

Guys as you know by now I'm the KQ writer on Jellyneo. As valentine's day is coming up themed prizes have been released in KQ. If you wouldn't mind posting here what you get that would be swell. As you know Jellyneo does it best to be up to date on all aspects of Neopets as it can and we can't do this without your involvement. I really appreciate all the help that you have given me in the past.
Thanks in advance!
Cross posted to a few places so apologies if you see it more than once.
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[02 Feb 2010|09:58am]

I've got a little bit of free time this morning, as well as a new token I'd like to play with. Anyone up for a game? :3
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