blue. violent. (ownedbyzpydah) wrote in n_akq,
blue. violent.

Skipping Turns

Hey KQ fans, i was wondering what this group's consensus is on skipping your turn if you get a power up played (or land on a square) that says you can't collect items for X amount of turns.

Is skipping your turn a fair use of the game mechanics or is that an abuse of a mechanic that was likely designed with the idea of decreasing abnormally ended games if you have a connection time out?

i've done it a couple of times, but i felt kind of slimey about it so now i don't anymore. i was just wondering if i was right in feeling slimey or if that is a pretty common game strategy and i'm just weird..

does anyone know if Neo has an official policy on that tactic? i don't ever remember reading anything in the editorial about it or anything... *off to ask TNT* (not that they ever answer my editorial questions.. but i still keep trying!)
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