CupKate (cuppykate) wrote in n_akq,

crappy keyquest prizes

crappy prizes

Ok, I need to know if this is happening to anyone else.

I have played to date a total of 1340 keys

841 Gold
458 Silver
25 bronze
6 lead

I always screencap when I win a paint brush and or a lab piece, or red codestone etc

I played 10 gold keys yesterday and 2 so far today, and gotten nothing but junk books. I decided to look through my screenies and see when the last time I won anything other then a negg or codestone ~ I haven't won a lab piece or paint brush in 320 gold keys. I am thinking the more I win, the worse my prizes are getting.

It's added to the fact my friend made a new account, it's a week old and out of 20 keys he has won 7 paintbrushes.

Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? I am trying to earn back 100k a day so I can keep spinning the wheel of extravagance, and yesterday I made a total of 9k from 10 keys. A few weeks ago I could make 100k easily with just codestones & neggs, but was hoping soon to at least get a buyable paintbrush I could sell to give myself a break from hours of KQ and hours trying to get Shenkuu points in the Altador Cup aswell :(

ugh I am so depressed.
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