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n_akq's Journal

Neopian_Adults Key Quest
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The Neopian_Adults Key Quest Community
Hello Neopian_Adults! Welcome to the Neopian_Adults' KeyQuest community!

We're a community dedicated to the newest game sweeping the internet - Key Quest!
Did you just receive a paint brush and four codestones and want to show off your win? Want to talk about a new board TNT released? Trying to figure out the rules? Well, you're in the right place!

General Guidelines:
  • The n_akq Community was created to find opponents, as well as to discuss a large number of topics such as discussion of the game, boards, minigames, prizes, wins, losses, special events, plushies, codes, trades, gameplay and rules. Those types of posts are very welcome here! If you're looking for anything KeyQuest related, you're in the right place!

What is not allowed:
  • KeyQuest is a game and games are supposed to be fun, right? Right. Well, we definitely want this to be a fun, friendly and welcoming community to those old KeyQuest players, as well as to the new players! In order to keep the community fun and fair, we do need a few rules on what is not allowed: These include: "Wall of Shame" type posts or slander against another community member, other Neopians, TNT staff or the Neopets site itself.

  • Also, this community will follow all rules set up by The Neopets Team for the game of Key Quest.
    (Playing 'alternating games' is against TNT's rules and we ask that you don't post looking to play alternating games. Sorry about that!)

Any posts breaking those rules will be asked to be deleted.
If you have any questions, please message us and ask! We are here to help and make this a fun and enjoyable community!

If you have concerns about another person in the community, please contact a Moderator and explain the issues. We will look into it. Thank you!

A message to those who are new, and wish to venture into the world of KeyQuest: Do not be afraid! We don't bite! Everyone was new at one point. We'll teach you the ropes and soon enough, you'll be winning more Gold Keys than ever!
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