jellomarker (jellomarker) wrote in n_akq,

Fancy some KQ games?

So I'm trying to save up for morphing two pets into a Ty Aisha and a Halloween Kacheek- I'm about halfway on the Ty Aisha (bought the PB, need the MP/TP) and nowhere close on the Kacheek, so I'll need to play a LOT of KQ. Since I don't trust people on NP, I'm posting here.

I'm very non-competitive, so please avoid using items that would disadvantage me (and I'll do the same). Whoever gets to the end first wins, so it's not cheating, but I prefer 5 key games so that the "loser" still gets a silver key. We don't have to reach 5K- if you want to, I'm not against it.

I do want players who are KQ regulars so I don't have to ask on here every day, since I'd reach my goal faster playing the "10 games 30K a day" way. Two players only, three if the other person is from here as well- my computer can do so much, but I will not quit. If I leave a game, it's not intentional, and I will NM you and we'll reschedule another game.

If interested, please comment here or NM me at kookyseal. If you want to chat via AIM, comment here to do so, otherwise it's just scripted chat.
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